We all have our favourite way to workout. It can be an intense workout at home or step into a tabata group session. Or are you more eager to crush a badminton game when you want to challenge yourself one on one?

Here´s a tip.

If it’s doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.


Why do so many pro athletes train outdoors? We find outdoor training as an important part of life. We´ve created a list of pro´s to show you why:

  • The variation! To vary from running as a warm up and then procees to create a bank of optional workouts for your whole body. That is hard to match.
  • Inspiration! For us, the nature itself gives us a lot of inspiration but also; as
    you´re outdoors, try to stop for a second ant notice all the other people that are enjoying the outdoors.
  • Be creative! It’s not as many training tools as in the gyms indoor, so why not let your creative side bloom when you come up with new fun ways to train.foto-2016-08-13-16-30-18
  • That it’s outdoor! Just to be out in the nature gives us more energy and a feeling of freedom. Is there anyone that don´t like breathing fresh air and seeing beautiful environments during workouts?
  • The simplicity! The fresh air is everywhere! Just put your gear on and step out the door. Why not take a walk, or run to the gym for that great pump? And then do the same when you´re on your way home. The equipment is easy to use as well.
  • You use larger muscle groups. Often the outdoor gyms is constucted for you to train larger muscle groups instead of very specific muscles at the gym in their machines. That is what we like! It’s awesome if you want to lose weight as well. Because if you build some muscles you will burn more calories than before. Muscle needs fuel basically.


  • It´s for free. Just have fun and get out there and train.

Stay tuned for more inspiration!

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