Last SevenDayFocus was during a beautifully late springing May. We’re, as we speak, in the middle of the latest edition of SevenDayFocus! We cannot believe how much it’s grown in inspiration and in interest amongst the health community.

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The hope and vision is to build an event that motivates you to have an impact in your own life. You can, through enough inspiration, and with the right guidance, change your lifestyle for the better and discover what you’re really capable of.

We’re doing the best we can to inspire and motivate you in the most suiting way through videos, blog posts like this, picture and other motivational talks. Because we want you to find a real desire and motivation to push through when it gets tough. If there’s anything specific you want to see, read or hear, give us a shout on

In our last post in the SevenDayFocus category we talked about changing our mindset and to set a real goal for the week. Now we want to take you through how the last week of SevenDayFocus was and what to expect this week.

Day 1, 2 and 3
If you’re a new participator in the SevenDayFocus-challenge you probably felt inspired and motivated to thrive through the whole week in the beginning. That’s the way we feel with new things. So we hope that you used the extra energy in the right way and did really good the first day. We’ve heard great stories so far of your accomplishments. Keep hashtaging #SevenDayFocus on Instagram with your awesome training pictures.


Day 4, 5 and 6
The part where people struggles most with is day 3, 4 and 5. You will realize it’s not that easy. Maybe it’s not a surprise since it in the middle and it’s scientifically proven that you don’t have the same energy as in the start and feel that the finish line is too far away. Our best tip is to stay focused on your goal and if that’s not enough take help from a friend to stay motivated. Train together and push each other. Perhaps you can make it into a competition?


The real secret though is to take the first steps out of the door. As soon as you’ve stepped outside, your brain is making it harder to go back inside again than actually going for that run or power walk. SO STEP OUTSIDE THAT DOOR!


Day 6
It will be easier mentally since it’s almost over. The real struggle will lay physically! If you’re not used to walk or run for seven days in a row you will certainly feel a heavy body and some hurting in strange places. If it’s not a real injury and just some soreness it’s no worries, but it’s important to listen to your body and your doctor or physician.

Day 7
Is the final day! This day might bring a feeling of relief that it’s almost over or that you’re getting a last motivational boost to squeeze out everything you have. The best thing is the true joy and satisfaction you will feel after you’ve accomplished your goal. You will discover new things about yourself and hopefully stay motivated to go after new goals in your life.


Another awesome thing is that we have noticed that we also improve other things amongst our training rate this week. We think it’s easier to be healthier with our diet as well and eat more frequently like you should do instead of maybe three meals a day.


Other than that, the most important thing is what happens after the seven days. Of course you don’t need to train 7 days a week but don’t underestimate the power of setting up a plan of what you might manage during a week and crawl one step closer of creating your own healthy lifestyle.

It would be awesome if you wanted to share your feelings and thoughts about SevenDayFocus. Do you agree with us? Do you have any questions? Are you attending SevenDayFocus?

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Team Inspiredbyfocus