What’s your favourite way of training?

Different training

This week I’m going to train for seven days in seven different ways. I have now done four of the seven days and so far I have trained Zumba, football, full body workout at home and intervals.

Different training2

Football and intervals is kind of similar since you are running in different tempo during the workout. But the positives with that kind of training is that your stamina increases and gets a boost in the right way.

You’ve maybe never heard about Zumba but it’s a form of dance training that’s demands some skills in rythm and tact. It’s a fun way of training and it’s perfect to do it in a group but of course you can do it on your own as well. You will get an allround training with high intensity.

I also promised on snapchat to write the different kinds of exercises I did at home to my full body workout in just 7 minutes. It was 12 exercises of 30 seconds each. 10 seconds rest between the exercises.

  • Jumping jacks.
  • Wall sit (90 degrees).
  • Burpees.
  • Crunches.
  • High knees running in place.
  • Squats with jump.
  • Triceps dips.
  • Plank.
  • Ski jumps.
  • Lunges.
  • Push-ups with rotation.
  • Side plank (15 seconds of each side).

I did it twice and it’s a really good workout if you have limited time to train. You both get strenght and stamina training at the same time, fantastic right? Later this week I’ll write about the rest of the days that is left of the seven days. Comment below!

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