Winner I did it

So now my seven days of focus has come to an end for this time. It’s always fun and inspiring to have such a clear goal for a whole week. In the 28th of August we will have a public SevenDayFocus as we call it for everyone to join. More info will come closer to that date. Stay tuned.

Alright, enough about that and back to my last three days of training. I played tennis, took a ride on my bike and finished of with gym at home with easy tools. As you can imagine it was three completely different style of training but I thought every training was both fun and really rewarding!

Different training4 tennis

To play a set of tennis you need to do a proper warm-up before you start since it’s a very quick game where your muscle gets stretched out. So to avoid injuries I really recommend a good warm-up before you start. If you play a good game with some long balls you will certainly get your stamina tested since it many high speed runs. Try it!

2016-07-01 17.07.00My beautiful bike

The sixth day I took a bike ride for 15 km through different terrain. To vary downhill with uphill is perfect for your stamina and your leg muscles burns in a nice way. If you don’t like running this can be a way for you to train and get better stamina and health.

The last day I chose to do some work at home with some tools. I used a jumping rope, yoga mat, pilates ball, resistance tube and an elastic band for the workout that was nine exercises including warm-up. All the exercises will come in a seperate post later this week.

Try it out for yourself and come back to us with your progress. It would be fantastic to hear your story and why not try to inspire others with your story?

Best regards

Team Inspiredbyfocus