Here is a follow up on the previous post about how to lose weight by eating right things.

Like we told you in our last diet post, we got inspired by an article we read about the subject. We hope that you remember what we wrote then, otherwise it just to read it again.

We hope that the tips we want to share with you today takes you one step closer towards your goal.

  • Eat food with a lot of fiber. This will help you in the fight against the hunger and to feel less addicted by sugar.
  • Try polyphenols! It says it has  good effect on the fat loss. There is a lot of sources of these polyphenols. It’s in ordinary products as vegetables, spices, fruits, real juice (with right products), tea, rosemary and berries. Try to eat it several times each day since it takes time for it to do some effect.Different spices
  • Avoid sugar. It works against your body when it’s trying to burn fat and it’s easy to get an overload of energy that you need to get rid of.
  • And last… EAT SLOWLY! It takes up to 30 minutes for your body to feel that you’re satisfied and don’t need more food.

We hope this can give you some new things to try if you want to lose weight.


Kind regards

Team Inspiredbyfocus