Have you ever felt like giving up on something?
Have you felt too tired to train or that you lack the time for it?
Have you ever felt that you don’t have the desire to train or you just skip this one because it raining outside?


Guess what? We recognize these feelings as well. So we know that it’s not easy to reach our goals without having some bad moments.

To have these feelings is a common thing for most of us and we really think that everyone have felt these feelings sometimes in their life.

In some cases, unfortunately, these feelings takes over and it’s easier to prioritize other things than training and your health.

But we are in need of asking a question, now that we’re discussing training. Have you ever regretted when you went out in the rain and did a training session? Or when you’re tired after a long day at work; have you ever regretted smashing a workout afterwards?
Is it even possible that you felt more energized and much more alive and satisfied afterwards?
Foto 2016-08-13 16 30 18The start to a solution might, according to a ton of research, lie in knowing your why and to think of it when things become rough. Try to write the goal down on a paper or just place a picture of the dream or the goal where you will see it every day.

If you do that you will help yourself in the fight against your own thoughts so you don’t lose your compass along the way.

One other thing that’s important to know is that the brain is a really lazy mechanism and it’s programmed to choose the easy way. So by knowing this you will have an advantage against your own brain. To put it simple, take action and make the decisions that’s best suited for your situation – and not what your brain wants you to believe.

Our message is to challenge your thoughts and to make you feel better. We try our best. So, keep reading and keep commenting. We love that!

Good luck to all of you. Talk to you soon!

Best regards

Team InspiredByFocus