Welcome to the gateway of success.

What’s SevenDayFocus? It’s a opportunity for you to run and/ or powerwalk every day for the next SEVEN days, starting on Sunday August 28th.

As you’re motivating others and keeping track of your covered distance, don’t forget to hashtag #SevenDayFocus on your most beautiful picture. The TOP 3 pictures will win a gift and be personally contacted by us.

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Create your story. No one else is gonna do it for you. But until you’ve decided that the lifestyle change is happening today, here’s some inspiration from last #SevenDayFocus challenge that we brought to the surroundings.

We’re ever so proud of our members, who’ve been sweating and engaging with each other to make the best of their week.

Foto 2016-08-10 00 45 58

Day 2 of last #SevenDayFocus – Great job!

Find your why.

Dude, or dudess, let’s be honest… if you don’t know why you’re going to work every day, then it’s probably the wrong profession. Likewise, if you don’t know why you’re eating junk food every day, you’re probably not even considering your health.

We want to find your why. Why are you even reading this? Why are we writing this? Why are we showing testimonials of previous #SevenDayFocus challenges?

Because you and me are curious of knowing more and willing to make a shift in our mindset.

Also, because we know it works, and we thrive on inspiring you towards great success in your brand new, healthy lifestyle.

Foto 2016-06-04 18 48 20

Write down your goal and be strict about following it.

Boy, we can’t stress how important this part is. When we say write down your goal, that actually means write it with aggression! Put a post-it on the mirror. Text five of your closest friends. Tell all your family members that you’re gonna crush the jog or powerwalk EVERY day. Oh, and try to avoid any lame excuses like “I’ve been travelling all day, so I won’t make it”. Deep down, we all know any excuse is lame and frankly unnessecary, because it’s your body and health, not any other’s.

Foto 2016-06-04 18 22 02

Calculate real quick.

How far in kilometers do you want to set your goal during #SevenDayFocus
100km / 7 days = 14,28km/day.
50km / 7 days = 7,14km/day.
30km / 7 days = 4,28km/day.

Foto 2016-06-01 18 01 41

A member ran 14km during DAY 3 of #SevenDayFocus

Hey, it’s YOUR plan, might as well stick to it, right?

Once you’ve established the average distance you need to cover per day – stick to your plan! If you know you won’t have time to do it in one go, divide it into 2 or 3 sessions during the day. One morning, one around your lunch break and one when the kids are sleeping.

Foto 2016-05-20 07 16 13

A member felt super strong & kept the days going!

Eat and drink healthy.

Atleast during this week – let your body feel how it’s like not eating any junk food. Also, avoid consuming any soda drinks, alcoholic beverages and sugar items, such as candy. Try it out and let us know how it felt. We’re eager to find out more about you!

Let’s do this!

Best Regards,

Team InspiredByFocus