Bad thoughts. Struggles. Feeling tired. Hurting. No time. The list can be long if you want to name different excuses in today’s life. But in this post we want to discuss an important aspect; to overcome these excuses.


It can do a lot for you when you need to find strength to carry on. It can be new inspiration but also inspiration that you bring back from the past. Many athletes have clear goals of what they want to achieve and many of their success stories start with a certain occassion when they fail and met real struggles. They use the feeling they felt of failing as fuel to do even better next time, that’s an example of inspiration that can be brought back whenever it’s needed.


But now we’re going to share some thoughts on how we find new inspiration to push through.
Nature itself can be a good stepping stone towards new inspiration. Think of it for a while.


It´s often calm and relaxing to be out in the free nature. Fresh air. Lovely colours.
For us it’s perfect! Because sometimes we need to get away from the ordinary life with work and others ”must do’s” to just reboot our system. And for that, nature is truly amazing.

The story behind this post is that it was written in a jacuzzi. When we get this sort of time in a relaxing environment we are most creative and most of all we find new inspiration!

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Besides from just relaxing environments, we love to get inspired by other people’s achievements when they succeed or find a new exciting way to do a workout. Therefore we also really enjoy travelling where we can meet new people and experience different cultures.

Our last thought about inspiration that we want to share is the following:

By knowing how you get energy and inspiration will truly be an important factor for you to reach your dreams.

Please comment on your best ways to find inspiration. We are eager to learn more about YOU!

Kind regards

Team Inspiredbyfocus