There are people that want to lose weight and for that there is so much different methods to use. It can be hard for you to chose the ”right option” so I bet that some of you just do as someone in your inner circle has done.
I don’t say that it’s wrong doing that but I just want to awake some thoughts with this post so you have more information before you chose what’s right for you.

Lose weight

I read an article about some tips on how to lose weight by eating right and got inspired to share what I learned with you. They asked one of the biggest persons in Sweden in the area food and nutrition about it. His name is Fredrik Paulún, a professional nutritionist.

To put it simple for you –  IT’S ALL ABOUT ENERGY! You need to get rid of the food that you eat each day to reduce your unwanted fat. Fat loss is important to get the result you want. But to lose weight is not all about consume everything that you eat, it’s also important what you actually eat and put in to your body.

”Don’t starve yourself. Your hunger will increase and your fat loss will reduce. At last your hunger will win and you will eat wrong things.”


Here is some tips for you to think about when you want to lose weight.

  • Drink water! Studies shows it will help your body to burn some fat.
  • Eat! If the body gets too little energy your body’s consumption will reduce and it will be a long struggle against the hunger.
  • Eat more often but less. The metabolism will drop if it takes to long time between the meals. Put in some healthy daily snacks between meals to get the metabolism going.
  • Take a quick walk before breakfast. By doing that you not only get a perfect start on your day, you will also help your body fat loss increase during the day.


Stay tuned for more tips later on.

Best regards

Team Inspiredbyfocus