How do you become a rolemodel?

Hey fellow participants! Wow, WHAT A WEEK!

A member of the latest SevenDayFocus is ready for her run!

The second edition of SevenDayFocus finished this saturday.

In all honesty, regardless if you worked out EVERY day during SevenDayFocus or if you took a few days off but still focused on the healthy lifestyle through food intake – are you happy with the week? 

There’s really no one else you need to consider than yourself. Are you satisfied with what you accomplished? We all have that one thing we cheated on during the week, and that’s okay, as long as you highlight it in your head and tell yourself that you’re gonna do even better next time.
Will you perhaps distribute the week more evenly?
Will you focus more on your intake of food?
Will you eat less sugar next SevenDayFocus?
Will you motivate others more?
Will you not care of what others think of your workouts?

Here’s a member that absolutely smashed his power walk this SevenDayFocus:


4 hours in the nature with fresh air. Covered almost 24 kilometers – That’s absolutely impressive! What a role model!

Here’s the latest video we made.
We’re just like you.
Eager to keep on pushing ourselves.

It’s all in your head. It’s all your fight. We’re happy to join your battle and do it together. Send us a private message on Instagram or Facebook with your struggles or questions and we’ll respond with as much understanding as we possibly can! The name is Inspired By Focus on Facebook and Inspired By Focus on Instagram. (click the name to be transferred right away).

We’ve had so many questions about nutrition and training. About health aspects, illness and injuries. It’s so activating to answer all of your questions, and yes – we do answer them all.

So how do we become a rolemodel?

Step one: Decide that your health is the most important aspect in life. With a sick body and you laying in bed will not help your family, friends or you. You and I will not be able to enjoy the little or big things in life from your sickbed. So decide.


Step two: Prioritize. Seeing a movie after work is what the human brain is programmed to do. To “enjoy” the spare time while we’re still awake. We… me and you, need to rewire our brain to think according to our list of prioritization.
If our health is prioritized as number one – then by all means, a movie after work shouldn’t be that hard to ignore and head out and run instead?

Step three: Take action. We’re here to inspire and to join your battle, but we can’t train FOR you. You will need to take action yourself. Step out that front door, fill that water bottle, tell your friends you’re off in the rain, and never look back. Let them push you while you inspire them.

A member killing a rainy run. GREAT INSPIRATION!

We see inspired people everywhere. A girl smiling on the bus, listening to a great podcast or audiobook. An old man sweating as he’s evidentely doing hard running distances on a great afternoon.

We LOVE to hear your story. If you manage to make ONE person inspired to train, or to find a great and healthy recipe online, then your story is worth telling. So please, tell your story. Be the rolemodel you want to be.

With regards,
Team Inspired By Focus