Hi again!
Do you remember the last post about seven different way of training? I wrote that I was going to explain the last exercise more closely in a later post, so here it is!

In the last exercise I did during that week, I trained at home with easy tools instead of going away to a crowded gym. The gym has it’s advantages also but we want to spread the word that everyone can train with small needs.
So no excuses, JUST DO IT!

Here is a summary of the nine exercises I did. Tools needed: Jumping rope, resistance tube, pilates ball and an elastic band. (A yoga mat is good but not a requirement.)

– Jumping rope.
– Resistance tube front of body.
– Resistance tube side of body.
– Biceps curl with resistance tube.
– Triceps work with resistance tube.
– Glutes work elastic band.
– Crunches on pilates ball.
– Push-ups on pilates ball.

The jumping rope is a favourite of mine. It’s a perfect full body exercise and good to warm-up your body with. Se the video below to see how it can be done.

Resistance tube is a very good tool to have at home. How hard resistance it is depends on what you buy but also how short you make the tube. The resistance tube for front and at the side of the body will first of all train your shoulders but also make tension in your upper body.

Biceps and triceps work is for you that want to grow your arms a bit. For the biceps it’s important for you to stay straight with your body and only let your arms work. Don’t wiggle! Make it with control and not to fast so you feel that the muscle is tense during the whole exercise.
Same for the triceps work. Starting position is with the arm above your head with the elbow in a 90 degree angle. Then push it to a straight arm and back to starting position. Repeat.

Biceps curl resistance tube           Triceps work resistance tube

My glutes work with the elastic band is important to do if you want to have a body that functions. You will train the hamstrings but most of all gluteus maximus that gives you power to take the leg backwards. It works together with many others mucles and have is location in your lower back and a bit below. Look at the video below to see how to do the exercise.

To the last two exercise where I used a pilates ball. Why? It’s perfect for the balance and activates a lot more muscles than if you doing it on a flat floor.
Try it and feel the difference!

Don’t be afraid to ask if you have question about the exercises so we can help you in the right way.

Best regards