31 08, 2016

The journey of a SevenDayFocus

Last SevenDayFocus was during a beautifully late springing May. We're, as we speak, in the middle of the latest edition of SevenDayFocus! We cannot believe how much it's grown in inspiration and in interest amongst

27 08, 2016

How To Make #SevenDayFocus As Valuable As Possible

Welcome to the gateway of success. What's SevenDayFocus? It's a opportunity for you to run and/ or powerwalk every day for the next SEVEN days, starting on Sunday August 28th. As you're motivating others and

4 07, 2016

Seven different ways of training part two

So now my seven days of focus has come to an end for this time. It's always fun and inspiring to have such a clear goal for a whole week. In the 28th of August

29 06, 2016

Seven different ways of training

What's your favourite way of training? This week I'm going to train for seven days in seven different ways. I have now done four of the seven days and so far I have trained Zumba,

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