“Play outside”, your parents used to say. We all know how naggingly annoying it sounded every time they forced us outside. Well, according to studies made world wide on outdoor health…
guess what? Your parents were right.


With just a five minute walk in the green areas around your home or work, improvements of your mental health will show.

Also, with regular exercise outdoors instead of the gym, your stress level and heart rate will be lowered and blood pressure dropped.

Not to mention the healthy intake of vitamin D from the sun. Coupled with the body’s ability to adapt to the climate, wind and temperature differences and the inevitable free balance training your body recieves when stepping on uneven ground, outdoor training is indeed a much more effective resource of workout than, say the gym.


Imagine the different takes on the following two situations:

Situation Gym Training
You’re a hard training individual who takes the car to the gym, 2 to 5 times a week, depending on the workload with family and work.
It takes you a good few minutes to get there.
It takes you a while to change in the locker room, to prepare the water bottle and to look good in the mirror.

You’re off! Boom, the other gym members are feeling your wrath and energy and are awed by jealousy. The weights are pumped and done. You shower, change, grab the car and go home. Repeat the next day. And the next day.


Perhaps you like running or joining a spinning class in the gym?

Now, there’s nothing wrong with treadmills or bicycles or crossfit classes for that matter. All training methods are recreational and should be lifted as a good thing.

But before you praise the lord for a gym membership card, let us analyse the following scenario…

Situation Outdoor Training
You’re an athlete in the free. You’re a beginner in the free. It is for free.

You. Your body. Your mind. Your environment. Your sounds of nature. Your fresh air. Your sweat.


There’s no time schedule to fit into your already packed calendar.
There’s no extra money spent on gym memberships.
There’s no “I have to do this”, but only “I want to do this”.
There’s no more annoying people at the gym who’s acting weird or wearing funny clothing.

Do you know what the best thing is?
The workout starts as soon as you put your shoes on and walk outside your front door.

Now that’s what we call first class service to your body!

We, at Inspired By Focus, want to invite you all to a small challenge. It is directed to every single one of us.

elephant-590020_960_720Regardless of the weather or your current mood, let us step outside for an hour and enjoy the now. Reboot your batteries and feel the energy level being raised. Hey, why not even change to your workout outfit and run a few minutes in between your walks among the trees. We’re certainly motivated to do it!

Please, come back and tell us how it was. We’re eager to know more about you!

With regards,
Team InspiredByFocus cropped-thumbnail_image1-1.jpg